Parking and Drop-off / Pick-up

Drop off Directions - Main Lot

Drop Off - Main Lot - Enter from East Avenue
Go north on East to the top of the street. Utilize the roundabout and line up in the right hand lane to turn in to the school. Proceed down the long entry drive. The drop off lane is designated by a solid yellow line in front of the school. The Drop Off Area starts just north of the office. Do not drop on the red curb, only along the yellow curb. Pull all the way forward and have your child exit on the yellow curb as directed by signs and staff on duty. Pulling forward allows several cars to empty and exit at one time resulting in increased traffic flow. After school, students will wait in the area of yellow curb for their ride to pull up at dismissal.


Important Parking & Drop-off/Pick-up Information

*Park - and escort your child

*Parking will be available in our upper lot at the East Avenue entrance. Limited parking will be available in our main lot. We have a steadfast safety rule at Etiwanda Colony – Children are not allowed in the parking lot without a parent/guardian escort. Thus, if you choose to park, you will be responsible for escorting your child through the parking lot, across the crosswalk at the office and to one of the entry gates.. Do not stop in the driving lane while another person exits your car to get your child—this halts the traffic flow for everyone. Gates will open at 7:55 a.m. by staff on duty. Children may not be in the parking areas without you, even if you are calling them to the car. This is for their safety. Parking is limited at start and dismissal times with so many parents arriving. This option will require the most time and patience on your behalf.

*Do not park in a space and wave your child to the car. Children are never allowed in the parking lot without parent or guardian, as it is unsafe for them.

*Please do not expect teachers to “walk or cross” your child to your car. Teachers are on duty for everyone’s safety, and can not escort individuals.

*Do not use the Handicapped Parking unless you have a Handicapped Permit. We do have parents and employees with permits who have a legal right and need to use this area.

*The south lot on Banyan is for Bus Drop Off and staff parking only.

*Please be timely when picking up your children. Supervision is provided until 3:00 p.m. only.

*Need to sign your child in or out at Child Care? Use our 10 minute spots!

*Please do not park in the drop off lane.

*Need to drop off an item or pick up an ill child? Use our 10 minute spots!

*Please do not park in the drop off lane in front of the office.

On windy and rainy days, all of the above rules still apply!

Thank you for your cooperation in making our parking and drop off areas safe for everyone!

Share these guidelines with your daycare provider or those family members who will pick up or drop off your children. Thank you!
Etiwanda Colony