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Special Education Parent PWN Letters:

The Etiwanda School District provides virtual classroom lessons through the distance learning plan.  Please note that during virtual sessions there is no expectation of privacy, students and anything in their background will be in view of the class.  Those who prefer not to have their image shown may elect to turn off the video camera during the virtual session.

At this time weekly check-ins can be provided via email, Remind-text, phone, or Google Meet (virtually). Please let your SLP know which method you prefer. 

Link to Ms. Randazzo's parent survey click HERE if you have not completed it yet. 

The following are all optional supports/activities you can utilize with your student at this time:

Social Story COVID19 Social Story English .pdf

Hand-washing Visual Hand-Washing Visual.pdf

Distance Learner Social Story (From Autism Little Learners) Distance Learning Social Story.pdf

People Wearing Masks Social Story (From Autism Little Learners) Face Mask Social Story

*Monthly Activity Calendars can be found under the "Homework" tab on the left*


Activities for Articulation Practice: 

 *Have your child find 5-10 items that contain their speech sound from around the house. Practice each word 5 times each or use each word in a sentence. 

* Read with your child and have them pick a few words on each page that contain their speech sound and say it 3 times each. 

* If your child is an independent reader, have them read to you using their good speech sounds. This can also be done with any classwork they just completed. 

* Play- If you are playing with your child, reinforce good speech sounds by modeling for them. If they are older you could pick a few words to practice during your play activity.

* Phone a friend or family member and use your good speech sounds. Practice what you want to say before calling them. 

* Spend a few minutes during meal time to focus on good speech. 

Speech Sound Videos (Peachie Speechie SLP)

P and B Word List

D and T Word List

M and H Word List

F and V Word List

K and G Word List

S-blends Word List

L and L-blends Word List

J Word List

S and Z Word List

SH and CH Word List

R and TH Word List


Language home activities

Language Home Practice

Early-Language Home Ideas

Language Carryover

Build Language and Vocabulary at Home:

1. Use what your child is interested in and talk about it. Ask questions, label the items. 

2. Talk More- Narrate part of your day even if your child doesn't respond. For example if you are washing the dishes say "these dishes are dirty, I am going to wash them." while washing say things like " I am washing", "I am turning on the water", and  "the dishes are clean".

3. Take Turns- Ask questions and give children time to think and respond. Try to not anticipate what they are going to say and say it for them. Give them wait time. 

AAC-Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Alternative Means of Communication 


Stuttering Awareness

Stuttering Tips

Fluency Strategies


Pragmatic Language Disorders

Topic Maintenance

Additional Resources 

District SLP Page

We miss our Etiwanda Colony Cubs and hope to see you soon.