Mrs. Keltner

Hello Families!
Welcome to a new school year!  I am very excited to meet your cub on Monday and so very happy to be back at school!  We will ease back into the routine of being at school so your cub does not feel overwhelmed.

A few quick pieces of information:

* Please check your child's blue and white Cub folder in their backpack for information after school each day.    Don't forget it is early dismissal on Monday's.  Pick up time is 1:15.  All cubs are dropped off in the normal drop off line in the morning.  After school, families with more than one student will meet their cubs on the playground in their car.  Single rider students will be picked up out front in the drop off line.  Daycare will be dismissed to daycare classrooms.

*  Please send your cub with a recess snack and water bottle each day.  If possible, send a water bottle that has a handle.  I have purchased hooks for the side of the desks to hang the water bottles.  This will keep the water bottles off the floor and also available to only your child.  The drinking fountains will not be in use.  Please make sure your child knows if you packed them a full lunch or just a snack so I may make sure they get food from the cafeteria.  Lunches are free for all children.

* Donations: A few parents suggested that our class have an Amazon Wish List.  I really like this idea.  Over the weekend I will make a list for the class and get it posted.  No donations needed Monday.

* Back to School Night will be next Thursday evening through Zoom.  More info to follow. 

 Have a beautiful day!!